Moonly weekly progress update #33

Designed website
Working on an NFT Lending Platform
Worked on a legendary NFT project
Wrote about Blockchain
Wrote blogpost on blockchain
Wrote on cryptocurrency
Working on SaaS
Worked on Javascript projects

A very busy and productive week and a lot of UI/UX and SEO changes. We tried to focus on changing things on our app that will speed it up significantly.
The user interface on some pages changed on Moonly for SEO optimization, on every page is added a sidebar with the latest blog posts on Moonly, a description of a project that you can see on mouse hover, monitoring Solana network tps added in the header, the admin dashboard is much improved in order to make the work of our virtual assistants easier and much more!

Weekly devs progress:
  • Added missing columns to the transaction table
  • Resolved the “total NFTs and holding” issue
  • Fixed migration (Live DB issue)
  • Researched DB error issues
  • Fixed an issue on holder verification and deployed
  • Fixed transaction table CSS
  • Finished description section for “Upcoming pages”
  • Updated Moonly Ghost blog engine
  • Fixed an issue with the DB backup utility
  • Investigated token-tracker service

Staking (Locking):
  • Rewritten “reward calculation logic”
  • Update UI on Staking creation
  • Update reward value interval
  • Worked on js function for calculating claimable reward
  • Fixed failed to fetch tokens from the backend
  • Investigated “mint & freeze” authority (updated description and added functionality)
  • Added a switch button on Stake & Reward page
  • Added fallback UI in the staking/admin page when the user is not logged in
  • Tested attribute creation by importing the latest DB
  • Created seed script and modal to generate attributes
  • Created a resolver and query for getting attributes

Portfolio Tracker:
  • Cleaned up PT code
  • Worked on PT / Sync collections and tokens
  • Worked on PT / Dynamic updates
  • Worked on PT / Expanded on-demand scraping
  • Implemented dynamic update for PT stats and transactions
  • Optimized PT page with server-side rendering
  • Showed tokens in possession for any wallet
  • Implemented caching for portfolio stats
  • Refactored front-end code for portfolio stats

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Updated upcoming project pages:

Upcoming NFT projects to mint:

Minted projects worth mentioning: