Moonly weekly progress update #34

Designed website
Worked on a legendary NFT project
Working on an NFT Lending Platform
Talked about crypto
Wrote blogpost on blockchain
Shared a growth strategy
Worked on Javascript projects
Working on SaaS
Wrote about Blockchain

Hello everyone, how was your weekend?
We are still in the testing phase, doing some minor adjustments and removing some bugs! Be patient friends, good days are coming!

Weekly devs progress:
  • Merge and deploy frontend updates
  • Tested and fixed the issue of displaying the previous verification rule
  • Fixed the logic for the holder notification message
  • Fix the issue of merging accounts during account linking
  • Debugged and fixed issues on wallet-checker
  • Changed DB structure and modified logic to fix the Discord role issue
  • Investigated the total holding value issue and fixed it
  • Inserting and connecting NFTs, and tokens with the Discord server
  • Fixed all PR-related issues
  • Finishing discord bot page
  • Fixed search bar issue
  • Fixed overlay issue for secondary description
  • Fixed search on trait type dropdown
  • Explored the token metadata update
  • Explored getting tokens where the user is the authority
  • Work in progress about tracking previously assigned roles

Staking (Locking):
  • Created a model for the Attributes
  • Re-Adjusted resolver for the Attributes model
  • Refactored Staking Creations and added a new way of selecting a trait
  • Created DB migration
  • Implemented “Trait Remove” from the UI
  • Update smart contract for supporting two values
  • Implemented resolver and related logic for getting reward trait for staking the NFT
  • Implemented trait reward in the smart-contract
  • Created “Seed script” and seeded testing data with attributes
  • Explored the token metadata update
  • Explored getting tokens where the user is the authority

Portfolio Tracker:
  • Improved retrying logic of wallet-checker, tested and deployed
  • Sync Moonly DB to the Big DB
  • Disassemble the old RAID on the RPC server and created the new one
  • Small fix for re-queueing failed tasks in wallet-checker
  • Merge and deploy the latest changes

Upcoming NFT projects to mint:

Minted projects worth mentioning:

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