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What is up, Automators!?

Stefan here, founder of Automatio šŸ‘‹.

Hereā€™s a quick peek at whatā€™s in this newsletter:

  • Automatio + Google Sheet + ChatGPT video tutorial
  • Automatio roadmap and future goals
  • Annual subscription and 50% lifetime discount

āœØ Automatio + Google Sheet + ChatGPT

I made a video tutorial on using Automatio, SpreadSheet, and ChatGPT to scrape data, clean, summarize it, and analyze sentiment inside of Google SpreadSheet.

Before you dive into it, letā€™s quickly review those three tools.

We all knowĀ ChatGPTĀ is super powerful. It makes work, both in business and everyday life, easier and faster. Itā€™s a superhero in the AI world.

Now, to make AI work, you need data, and thatā€™s whereĀ AutomatioĀ steps in ā€” quickly, easily, and without any code.

Google SpreadsheetĀ is the king of integration. Save your data there, and you can link up with tons of apps for cool tasks like CRMs, Zapier automation, and marketing tools.

Combining all three platforms together opens a lot of possibilities. Watch the video below. šŸ‘‡

šŸ—ŗ Automatio Roadmap and Future Plans

  • Secure theĀ next round of fundingĀ through theĀ community-raisingĀ (aka crowd-funding/NFT collection).
  • ReleaseĀ free trials, betterĀ onboarding, and moreĀ educational content.
  • IntegrateĀ ChatGPTĀ directly inside Automatio, but also our version of AI. It will be a huge improvement.
  • Build and improve other features from the roadmap likeĀ conditional logic,Ā multi-thread,Ā selector engine, etc.

šŸŽ Annual Subscription with 50% Lifetime Discount

Weā€™re thrilled to announce that weā€™ll soon be launching a special annual subscription for Automatio.

This subscription will grant you access at a reduced price and lock in an amazingĀ 50% lifetime discount. Stay tuned for more details! šŸš€

šŸ‘€ Sneak Peek at Our Upcoming NFT Collection