Moonly weekly progress update #65 - Karamendos WL Flow

I was also working with Automatio, our father project that funded Moonly pre-mint and even now. Keep in mind that since Moonly doesn’t produce any revenue for a long time (except royalties that ended up last year for us), Automatio is the project that funds us now. And a bit of money from our pockets.

Also, keep in mind, that in a couple of months, actually November, it will be 2 years for how long we are working on Moonly.

Karamendos is important because it’s gonna accelerate the project that is already built, has users, making money, and has huge potential. It will keep us alive, while Moonly grows the user base, clients, and projects using our tools, and when the bull run hits, we will be ready for it.

I mentioned before, that Moonly holders will benefit from the Karamendos in multiple ways, and one will be the airdrop.

Weekly devs progress:

  • Created a draft version of the database model
  • Switched stats-scraper to improved ME API endpoint
  • Started refactoring of mints scraper microservices
  • Modernized the script for manual scraping of collection mints
  • Created a database model diagram based on the sitemap
  • Created both functional and non-functional requirement documents

Karamendos WL Flow:

  • Working on KDOS WL referral specifications
  • Initialized new custom Karamendos service at Moonly bot
  • Implemented the whitelist role flow for the Moonly bot
  • Created a new dynamic message function for the whitelist service
  • Added Karamendos registration flow job handler
  • Merged the Karamendos flow service with staging
  • Merged the whitelist server with staging
  • Multiple messages showing issues for the Karamendos server fixed
  • DB connection limit issue arose fixed temporarily
  • Created a docker-compose file

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway:

  • Load user tokens for SFT Token and the ability to select manually
  • Fixed image upload issue
  • Fixed the wrong SFT price during the raffle creation
  • Fixed raffle time desync
  • Added prize status to the smart contract and updated it
  • Adjusted the client-side code for PrizeStatus
  • Created raffle withdrawal instructions for the admin
  • Allow withdrawing prize when there is an unsold prize
  • Update PrizeStatus to “Claimed” when all items are claimed
  • Fixed raffle client page issues and re-factored prize-details component
  • Created withdraw raffle tickets and integrated them with the program
  • Fixed raffle admin form UI scrolling issue
  • Tested claim raffle tickets by admin
  • Fixed raffle prize claim issue with multiple items
  • Tested withdraw unsold prize by Admin
  • Local raffle testing in Production mode
  • Pushed raffle new changes in a remote server and tested
  • Show an error when a user tries to access the admin page without a wallet
  • Ability to buy multiple tickets at once
  • Show the “Claimed Button” when the Raffle Prize is claimed

Upcoming NFT collections:

Minted projects worth mentioning: