Moonly weekly progress update #31

Designed website
Working on an NFT Lending Platform
Worked on a legendary NFT project
Wrote about Blockchain
Wrote on cryptocurrency
Working on SaaS
Worked on Javascript projects

Hello everyone, I hope you are all feeling great!

Despite the holidays, many technical things have been completed, which are very important for us in this final phase. All the pieces are slowly coming together and we are very excited for the days ahead!

Weekly devs progress:
  • Wrote save verification setting API
  • Integrated API to create verification setting
  • Wrote save verification rule API
  • Added logic to get guildList during discord linking on Moonly
  • Researched ways to optimize disk space
  • Wrote API to match the user’s guild with the admin’s pre-defined guild and connect it with Moonly
  • Wrote API to get block-chain metadata of NFTItem that related to the user and specific collection
  • Integrated that API on moonly-bot
  • Wrote logic to assign discord roles to users that fulfilled the admin’s rule
  • Designed architecture to update the holder’s discord role
  • Designed DB schema to track the holder’s role
  • Wrote logic to check the holder’s role and NFT periodically
  • Fixed the CLS jump on live events for all pages
  • Fixed CSS issue on live event’s bottom divs
  • Fixed ‘profile with no NFT in his wallet’ issue

Staking (Locking):
  • Created Access controller for validating “Collection authority”
  • Added ‘Collection authority check’ in “Collection owner access control”
  • Updated frontend code for SC changes
  • Upgraded anchor client library
  • Added Recoil for storing data
  • Added UI and connected API for initializing “global state”
  • Fixed issue with SC and ‘Collection Remove’
  • Added Token Deposit for a collection function and UI
  • Added Token Withdraw function
  • Added a generalized UI for “boost over time”
  • Fixed Smart-Contract collection address related issues when staking
  • Fixed Staking function in the frontend and better error handling
  • Fixed Withdraw function frontend
  • Fixed a broken API from the metadata library

Very interesting things are happening with Bonk Token, we wrote a small post about it:

Upcoming NFT projects to mint:

Minted projects worth mentioning: