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Okay, okay okay.. Today, I made a website https://candevsdosomething.com/ based on the best NFT meme from Hard Rock Nick.

Last 2 months I spent heavily in the NFT space, specially Solana. Joined over 90 Discord servers, invested a lot, learned a lot, and laughed a lot because of that video.

When I first time saw the video on some Discord chat, I thought it was a real guy complaining. Then I started seeing it a lot, and my thinking was, okay this is some crypto influencer.

But after some time I figured it out it's just some guy from Cameo, got paid to say those things, and it really resonates with the NFT community. The projects go down, founders (DEVS) rug, abandon or not deliver it. The price of NFT goes below mint and all that usual stuff going on in NFT/Crypto world.

Anyway, the idea came yesterday while I was repeating this guy's words, and then my wife Jelena said, check if the domain name is available. I checked it out and bought it instantly. We built the site together in an ~ hour using Webflow and here we go.

To me, this is so far the best NFT meme. What do you think?