Moonly weekly progress update #64 - Announcement Catcher and Staking V2

Summer is always slow for business for both the NFT ecosystem and regular business, so I decided to take a break from Discord and Twitter for a while. However, I still needed to be present in our development server, with a core team. I know, it looked pretty dead here, especially when the founder is not active, but sometimes just get lost, and let everything go.

I was also working with Automatio, our father project that funded Moonly pre-mint and even now. Keep in mind that since Moonly doesn’t produce any revenue for a long time (except royalties that ended up last year for us), Automatio is the project that funds us now. And a bit of money from our pockets.

Also, keep in mind, that in a couple of months, actually November, it will be 2 years for how long we are working on Moonly.

Karamendos is important because it’s gonna accelerate the project that is already built, has users, making money, and has huge potential. It will keep us alive, while Moonly grows the user base, clients, and projects using our tools, and when the bull run hits, we will be ready for it.

I mentioned before, that Moonly holders will benefit from the Karamendos in multiple ways, and one will be the airdrop. I will write about this in detail in the next announcement.

Added a new feature Announcement Catcher, that will automatically pick up new announcements and display them on the Moonly website, under the proper NFT collection. This will give more exposure to the projects in the future. 98% work is done, we just need to display the data on the website itself.

Probably around 80% of the work is done for Staking V2. To remind you, Staking v2, will be far more flexible with its missions, multiple rewards, integration with our Raffle platform, etc. I am excited about it honestly.

Weekly devs progress:

  • Finished cross-site ‘auth’
  • Discovered some issues with the Attribute-storing process
  • Discussed with the team about the NFT item schema
  • Started fixing the RBAC issues
  • Wrapped up and deployed the cross-site ‘auth’ and fixed the issues after deploying
  • Implemented the core algorithm of token scraper

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Drew the flow of token scraper
  • Implemented the attribute scraper in the first stage
  • Did the review and merge the cross-site ‘auth’ for the HVB feature
  • Discovered a role selection issue of HVB rules
  • Implementing the token scraper
  • Resolved discord ‘auth’ related issue
  • Fixed some minor edge cases for sign-in
  • Resolved avatar and some minor warnings

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway:

  • Fixed issue — space endedAt property was not stored in the db when space ends
  • Tested every feature to identify any issues
  • Fixed Twitter auth issue of not storing some user data
  • Analyzed giveaway code and figured out optimization areas
  • Analyzed and fixed the issue of the giveaway page
  • Simplified the usecase of proxy in the giveaway
  • Debugged and tested the app manually multiple times
  • Fixed the giveaway history checker holding requirement issue

Staking as a Service V2:

  • Show info for staked NFTs fixed
  • Removed StakeInfo and UserPool relation with mission seed
  • Updated the staking algorithm — now it will handle the multi-staking
  • Filtered staked NFTs from the stake popup
  • Fixed Staking vault update issue
  • Merge Kaimana staking stats with the previous info
  • Removed old Kaimana staking item from the popup
  • Throw an error if specified slots are filled
  • Resolved the staking breaking issue which arose by updating
  • Combine success and error messages when staking multiple NFTs
  • Created initial page and structure for raffle admin
  • Added the functionality to specify user max slots per mission

Upcoming NFT collections:

Minted projects worth mentioning: