Moonly weekly progress update #29

Designed website
Worked on a legendary NFT project
Started an NFT Project
Wrote about Blockchain
Wrote on cryptocurrency
Working on SaaS
Shared a growth strategy
Worked on Javascript projects

Happy holidays everyone, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas feasts and had a good rest!

Weekly devs progress:
  • Implemented live-feed-worker
  • Resolve the ESM module issue
  • Implement auto job removal from Bullmq on live-feed producer
  • Separated API from token-tracker scraper
  • Removed tokens from collections to rescan
  • Bullmq, Redis, and Postgres optimizations research
  • Solving JSON metadata 400 bad request issue
  • Finished UI for SOL/USDT and TPS
  • Completed the holder verification UX
  • Resolved next config issue of nx
  • Worked on making fresh data a priority throughout the app

Staking (Locking):
  • Created UI for Token Creation
  • Created metadata and image upload function
  • Fixed an issue related to the staking-service app
  • Added Codegen for Graphql
  • Created Token Creation Resolver for putting entries in our DB
  • Added validation and Error handling for token creation form
  • Added the stake creation function with UI
  • Merged the staging server into feat/stake and resolved the conflict
  • Select Token Field added in Stake Creation

We are going to release a points-based system, and holders who lock/stake their NFT will get the points every day or week (depending on the frequency we decide), and those points will be used for valuable Raffles which we going to have every week or so, but also on the marketplace/merch which will come later.

Our NFT metadata will be modified and we will add one more field called points/credits (still to decide), which will be frequently updated.
The NFTs that have more points under their metadata, will be of course more valuable.

Staking as a Service tool will give other founders the ability to create their own Token and Staking system, without hiring a developer or writing a single line of code.

We are still deciding whether we should wait and release the whole thing with points-based locking/staking, or release SaaS first (Staking as a Service).
Staking will be non-custodial!

Portfolio Tracker:
  • Debugging and optimizing Portfolio Tracker
  • Restructuring PT for performance
  • Experiments for increasing token-tracker performance (testing)

Upcoming projects to mint:

Projects worth mentioning: