Moonly weekly progress update #68 - Wallet checker improvements

Moonly’s wallet checker has experienced many changes to improve user experience and functionality, thanks to the revamped UI that simplifies the selection process.

The validation functions will be extended to support multi-chains, which will be such a great improvement!

Improvements in the sign-in and linking process, along with the modal visibility, offer us a more efficient user journey.

Here are some of the major changes that we made to the Wallet checker as well as the Staking v2.

Wallet checker improvements:

  • Included recommended wallet feature options for different chains
  • Improved the UI and UX of selecting and connecting the wallet
  • Included a placeholder wallet icon when the icon doesn’t find the wallet
  • Modified the Wallet schema for multi-chain support
  • Prepared a new sign transaction model for logging in and linking the wallet process
  • Modified sign message verification function
  • Extended state of visibility of modal to handle multiple UI inside one modal
  • Disabled switching the chains on connecting the wallet
  • Improved address validation function with the multi-chain support
  • Fixed some issues with custom hooks and components

Staking V2:

  • Restructured staked NFTs DataStructure and adapted accordingly
  • Adjusted frontend code and actions for program changes
  • Show remaining LockTime
  • Fixed image issue
  • Fixed “Build Type” error and page size optimization
  • Deployed Staking-v2 to the testing server and seeded the database
  • Fixed the unsynced status and withdrew NFT
  • Updated the slot-finding algorithm and fixed the issue with slot count
  • Added functionality to pick up any empty slot used with other mission
  • Tested Multistaking with Stakng-v2
  • Ability to un-stake NFT when stake rule is removed or added
  • Fixed and updated the Multistake algorithm
  • Synced Reward Amount after the Claim
  • Added ability to claim multiple staked rewards at once
  • Added option to clear selected NFTs
  • Improved the way to show errors from multiple transactions
  • Tested the Mission by entering the rules
  • Added adaptive StakeInfo account size based on Mission settings
  • Delegate and Lock NFT during Staking.
  • Unlock and Revoke during the Unstake.
  • Deployed the new changes to the testing server

Upcoming NFT collections:

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