Selling my Instagram network of 1M+ followers and an e- commerce business that generated $15k in revenue

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Selling a start-up
Writing about UX and UI Design

Hi guys, some of you probably remember this Instagram handle @ui__ux that helped hundreds of creators share their content, gain visibility, and grow. My goal was never to promote sh*t for money and instead reward people who create quality content.

That is why this IG account grew pretty fast to 500k followers and became one of the top influencer accounts on Instagram in the UI/UX niche back then.

My name is Stefan, and I did a lot of experiments on the Internet. This account was one of them, and it worked. Actually, I built a network of Instagram accounts and even acquired a business called UX Store. I am sure some of you remember @ux_store tools.

Here, you can read the whole story about the UX Store business and how it got started .

Hundreds of designers purchased UX Store tools, and some of them worked for big companies like Google, RedHat, and some big universities.

I have also built a solid account dedicated to graphic design called, reaching 135k followers. Again, it helped many people grow, gain visibility, and share their creations.


Unfortunately, those accounts were abandoned a few years as I moved back to my main project called I didn’t work on them, post, or respond to messages for a long time. I have been a bit active for last two months on @ui__ux one, but I still think someone should take it over and use their maximum potential instead of collecting dust with me.

Some stats

@ui__ux has 2.5 million followers, but since I got a bot attack a few years ago, it brought a ton of fake followers. When the bot attack started, we had around 500,000 real followers and really great engagement. I wrote about this on IndieHackers back in Sept. 2019

It’s impossible to tell the real numbers, but I believe that the @ui__ux account has around 700k-800k real followers since the bot attack started when we had 500k. has 135,000 real followers, and fortunately, I didn’t get a bot attack on this and other accounts. I haven’t posted on this account for few years, so I can’t share any stats

@ux_store has almost 18k real followers. I haven’t posted on this account for few years, so I can’t share any stats and reach.


From the moment I acquired the store (August 2018) till the end of the same year (2018), the store had 165 orders (520 items sold), which resulted in ~$9k gross sales or ~$8k net.

In total, the UX Store had ~$15.3k in gross sales, 290 orders placed, and 837 items purchased. Check the screenshot for more details.

💡 Keep in mind that most of the work was done in those first few months, from August 2018 till the end of that year. The drop in revenue was exactly because, at that moment, I abandoned the business and moved on to my main project, Automatio.


As you can see from the screenshot below, the UX Store website had a total of 91,000 visitors, where 78k were unique.

In the beginning, most of the traffic was coming from my Instagram pages (@ui__ux,, @wireflow), but also a good portion of the traffic was coming from Google, as the website was ranking in the top positions for keywords that people were searching for. Iphone stencils, Sketchbooks, etc.

The website still has probably around 1,000 visitors per month, even though it’s been abandoned for years.


Why are you selling the business?

I was always doing multiple projects at the same time. It’s in my blood to play, experiment, and try something new. Of course, I had a main project, as I mentioned earlier, Automatio. So I figured out that at some point, you need to make a decision, focus on one thing, and get rid of the things you don’t need.

What is included in the sale?

UX Store Website + Domain + Instagram Network @ui__ux, @ux_store and help you regarding anything you need to know how to grow accounts and run the business.

How much are you looking for?

For all the Instagram accounts and the UX Store website, I am looking for $14,4k. The price is negotiable, but this is my bottom range.

Where to contact me?


Discord: kinderjaje


All the best, Stefan.