Moonly weekly progress update #67 - Staking V2

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Moonly’s Staking as a Service Version 2 is a game-changer in the NFT world, bringing a wave of exciting innovations and user benefits.

We’re super excited to roll out Moonly Staking as a Service Version 2, and we’re looking forward to our NFT holders diving in and making the most of these awesome new features.

The best part? It’s our amazing community that will make this journey truly epic!

Weekly devs progress:

-Set up a staging server for Automatio

-Deployed minor changes to Mint Scraper

-Added API endpoint to initiate a scraping run for an NFT

-Implemented a function for formatting the launch date in the desired format

-Researched Exchange Art token scraping

-Utilized the card and button components for styling

-Extended the mint scraper to support different marketplaces

-Added logic to filter similar tools on the tool page

-Fixed a bug in scrapers-mints, increased concurrency, improved logging

-Scraped HVB-prioritised collections

-Switched maintenance service to update search index every 30 minutes

-Updated manual seed tokens and attributes scripts to modern ME API endpoints

-Seeded a couple of collections with tokens and attributes

Wallet checker improvements:

-Researched wallet address validation process

-Included Solana wallet validation inside the wallet checker

-Observing the wallet checker and fixing the performance issue

-Fixed Meilisearch NFT indexing maintenance service

-Implemented new wallet connect flow

-Fixed an issue to avoid re-indexing all NFTs every 30 mins

-Created a new custom modal for better UX

Staking V2:

-Created a fix for locked NFTs with staking-v1

-Fixed backpack wallet signing issue and showed modal every time

-Deployed staking-v1 program

-Basic unit test for claim mission reward

-Claim Mission reward with few bug fixes

-Added ability to claim all the rewards with one click

-Show incremental reward calculation UI for Mission

-Added a restriction for adding rewards

-Added new attribute reward

-Made UI table for showing attribute rewards

-Throw an error when the attribute is already added

-Bug fixed when transition from available to pending state

-Added reward attribute calculation on the frontend side and UI

-Created data structure and endpoint for boosted reward

-Updated Mission basic info endpoint and frontend integration

-UI for showing staked NFT images done

-Tested staking with multiple collections

Upcoming NFT collections:

Minted projects worth mentioning: